Streaming graph
for event-driven

thatDot are the creators of Quine, the streaming graph database built especially for real-time processing of high volume event data. Available in both open source and enterprise versions.

Turn High Volume Data into
High Value Data

End alert fatigue. Find just the events that matter.

thatDot makes unbounded streaming data both accessible and actionable at scales other streaming systems struggle to match. thatDot platform builds on the scalability and parallel computation of the Quine Streaming Graph to sift high-value data from high-volume streams to generates events that drive automated workflows in real-time. Read about thatDot's Novelty Detector for categorical data.

Streaming graph turns high volume data into high value data.
Quine Streaming Graph scales linearly.

Event processing for the new enterprise-scale.

As more companies adopt event-driven architectures and data volumes increase, the meaning of "enterprise-scale" has evolved. Designed for this new paradigm, thatDot scales to over 1M events/sec running on standard hardware, delivering a compelling formula for cost-effective, high-performance event processing. Read how thatDot scales to 1.1 trillion monthly log events.

Eliminate costly, custom micro services.

In order to make event-driven architectures work today, companies are forced to build costly custom mircro services. thatDot eliminates all those costs and headaches so you can focus on solving business problems.

Supports Kafka, Kinesis, and other streaming sources, as well as traditional batch data sources and makes scaling in production faster, simpler, and much less risky.

Simplify your event-driven architecture with thatDot streaming graph.
Streaming graph for event-driven applications.

Streaming graph for event-driven applications.

thatDot platform is built on Quine, the world’s first streaming graph. It is a transformational platform for modern, event-driven businesses. Quine’s cutting-edge streaming graph technology delivers high-throughput, low-latency pattern detection over complex events without time windows. Available in Community version or as part of thatDot Platform.

Key Integrations

Product Comparison

Quine, the world's first streaming graph. Graph analytics at scale.

Community Version

  • Open source streaming graph software.

  • Query unbounded data in realtime. No time windows.

  • Ingest multiple data streams.

  • Build real-time data pipelines that trigger automated workflow.

  • 10K+ events/second.

  • Free and open source

Quine, the world's first streaming graph. Graph analytics at scale.


  • For enterprise-scale event stream processing and graph applications.

  • Includes Quine, Novelty Scoring, Clustering with Autoscaling.

  • 24x7 Support with SLAs.

  • Scale to 1M+ events/second.

  • Subscriptions and support available from thatDot—the creators of Quine.

  • Graph A.I. plaform built on Quine.

What People Are Saying About thatDot

Evan Wright
Staff Data Scientist, Mandiant

"The security industry is headed towards leveraging knowledge graphs of all the relevant evidence provided by threat groups, network indicators and endpoint artifacts to quickly identify and mitigate threats. The security companies that can most confidently extract relevant context from these graph and then immediately action on findings to mitigate threats will be the winners. This is exactly the problem Quine aims to address.”

Gery Szlobodnyik, CEO TraceRiser
Gery Szlobodnyik
CEO, TraceRiser

“thatDot Platform's advanced Novelty Scoring for categorical data feature is the future of anomaly detection. Its speed powers our new real-time services while also significantly reducing false-positive findings for our customers.”

Why choose us


Two orders of magnitude more efficient graph processing on standard hardware.

1,000,000 +

Scale to 1M events per second and beyond for complex graph workflows.

99% +

Reduction in false positive alerts with thatDot's Graph A.I. for novelty detection.

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We are excited to announce that CrowdStrike's Falcon Fund has invested in thatDot to grow the platform.

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