Unlock The Value Of Your Streaming Data

Connect, explore, and act on streaming data in real time, at scale.

New: Anomaly Detector

Real-time Streaming Data For
Analytics And Workflow

thatDot Connect is the first complete enterprise product designed to trigger real-time actions from high-volume streaming data. Events, logs, and metrics stream in, are automatically connected, and trigger downstream actions for analysis, ETL, and workflow automation. All together in one scalable product.


Real-time Root Cause Analysis

thatDot picks up where log analysis and application/network performance monitoring solutions leave off—providing deep observability across events, logs, and metrics to find the root cause of issues in real time.

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Categorical Anomaly Detection

Analyze categorical data in real-time to differentiate truly novel data from highly cardinal data, reducing false positives, and providing an explanation why an observation is anomalous.

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Video Observability


Real-time end-to-end video event, log, and metric “sessionization” to enable point-and-click filtering and exploration of groups or individual video sessions.

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So easy to get started

Define queries and workflow via thatDot's WYSIWYG

Ingest from Kafka, Kinesis or custom streams

Inspect and Transform Data as it is Ingested


Trigger code/functions directly from Data Streams

Query Real-time Streams and Infinite Historical Data