thatDot Company Information

The company that invented graph event stream processing, creators of Quine open source software and commercial products powered by it.

Quine invented

DARPA project begun

Company founded

  • thatDot is a growing Portland, Oregon-based software company that specializes in solving high-throughput data streaming problems (entity resolution, streaming joins, ingest pipelines, incremental computation, pattern matching, etc.) using graphs. It makes it easy to find complex patterns and anomalies in massive data streams and trigger action immediately.
  • Quine was created in 2014 by Ryan Wright, founder and CEO of thatDot, after he decided that he’d rebuilt the same event processing micro service platform one too many times.
  • In 2015, Wright lead a team of researchers and developers on the DARPA Transparent Computing program to accelerate development and use Quine to create new capabilities for finding and stopping Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).The team chose a graph data structure in part because it made the joining together and processing of categorical data from multiple sources easier.
  • In 2022, thatDot announced an investment from Crowdstrike’s Falcon Fund to continue expanding Quine’s real-time graph analytics capabilities.
  • thatDot technology can analyze infinite datasets in real-time. Built on our native streaming graph technology, commercial applications like Streaming Graph and Novelty are ideal for cybersecurity, anomaly detection, fraud prevention and a variety of other applications.

Leadership Team

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