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Developed by DARPA specifically to combat tough threats like Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and Insider Threat detection, thatDot powers next-gen cybersecurity applications.
Screen capture of thatDot Streaming Graph showing an advanced persistent threat detected in CDN data.

Advanced Threat Analytics

The core technology of thatDot, Quine open source software, was developed in partnership with DARPA to detect the biggest cybersecurity challenges, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Insider Threats, to prevent data exfiltration and malicious attacks. Now, funded in part by Cloudstrike, thatDot brings cybersecurity applications into the next century. Learn more about IoB Threat Hunting, Advanced Persistent Threat Detection, AWS Cloudtrail Threat Detection.
  • Catch known and unknown

    Detect both known and emerging behavioral patterns in a single workflow.

  • Cross domain detection

    Joins multiple data sets to enable real-time identification of attack behaviors across domains

  • No time window limitation

    Average APT dwell time is 212 days. Identify behaviors over extended time periods, and catch them the moment they start to exfiltrate data, using real-time streaming analysis.

  • Direct categorical analysis

    Analyze categorical data without first converting to numeric – speeds results, simplifies operations, and provides human-readable alerts for analysts.

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