thatDot CEO Explains Streaming Graph to Cybersecurity Thought Leader 

Paige Roberts avatar Paige Roberts

Briefing Room on demand webinar on thatDot Youtube channel: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Streaming Graph

thatDot founder and CEO Ryan Wright discussed the power of thatDot Streaming Graph and Novelty to detect the most well-hidden threats with the Bloor Group’s Eric Kavenagh and Mark Lynd, who was ranked #1 global thought leader in cybersecurity by Thinkers360. With high-profile data breaches hitting the headlines every other day now, the way we’re doing this is clearly a losing battle. Low and slow attacks like advanced persistent threats hiding in mountains of data are stealing whatever they want and many cyber professionals are just throwing up their hands and admitting defeat. DARPA funded thatDot technology development specifically to turn the tables on those threats.

This webinar provides what you need to know to change the game to one where the attacker must be perfect to have a chance. Just one step out of line will get them caught. To quote Mark Lynd, “This is the holy grail.” and “It takes us from reactive to proactive cybersecurity.”

Traditional graph data models offer depth but lack the immediacy required to outpace cybercriminals or the scale and processing speed needed to keep up with massive flows of information cyber professionals need to evaluate. With insightful questions from Mark to guide him, Ryan really goes deep on the power of this technology in the cybersecurity space. He provides some potent demonstrations of points like:

  • The power of graph for relationship analytics.
  • Scaling and speed on direct graph analysis of categorical data providing real time threat detection.
  • Moving left so that cybersecurity analysis is done on data pipelines in real time.
  • Reducing false positives with context awareness for anomaly detection.

This powerful tech is useful for many things, from digital twins to fraud detection, but is particularly powerful in the threat detection and anomaly detection space for cybersecurity. Watch this exceptional video on the thatDot Youtube channel.

Learn for yourself how to bring graph-driven reasoning into the real-time nature of event-driven processing in the cybersecurity stream.

Watch The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Streaming Graph.