Release Announcement for thatDot Streaming Graph 1.6.1 with ClickHouse Persistor

View the latest release of thatDot Streaming Graph (v1.6.1), highlighting new features such as data persistence in ClickHouse, namespace management, robust Kafka integration, simplified queries, and error fixes related to Cypher query compilation.

Paige Roberts
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A new version of thatDot Streaming Graph has just been released with the brand new ability to persist data directly in ClickHouse! The new ability to have multiple namespaces is another huge advantage in multi-tenant situations.

With new v1.6.1 enhancements, you can:

▪ Persist data in Clickhouse.
▪ No longer see hot spares in ingest monitor payloads.
▪ Manage different teams or customers with namespace management, with a single thatDot Streaming Graph instance that has independent graph interpreters.
▪ Integrate with Kafka more robustly with added support for arbitrary Kafka properties on WriteToKafka Standing Query output via kafkaProperties field.
▪ Use multiple value standing queries more easily with the ability to trigger an event on arbitrarily-keyed property changes by using a RETURN properties(n) rather than having to list all properties manually.
▪ Get simpler, more standard names for the NumberIteratorIngest fields startAtOffset and maximumPerSecond. If you were previously using the names startAt or throttlePerSecond, you will need to update your recipes and API calls.
▪ Improve favicon support on all platforms.
▪ Execute simple text queries in the single-line query bar on the Explore UI with SHIFT-ENTER.

Some error messages normally encountered during Cypher query compilation were lost when the previous version was migrated to Scala 2.13. Reintroduce those error messages.

Be sure to check out thatDot Streaming Graph for more information and if you already use it, update your local copy of thatDot Streaming Graph to v1.6.1 using your preferred method

Download - Streaming Graph for Data Pipelines.

Paige Roberts
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