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Use Case

Stateful Digital Twin

  • The Problem

    While digital twins and the emerging subcategory of asset graphs promise operators greater visibility into the relationships between IT assets and equipment under management, current approaches are more like snapshots of a point in the past. Events take place in real time, meaning the digital twin is almost always out of date, limiting its utility. Lack of visibility translates into delayed reactions to threats or failure modes. Digital twins are out of step with enterprises increasingly moving to real time.

  • The Solution

    Quine streaming graph generates digital twins and asset graphs that are stateful and event-driven. Stateful digital twins reflect activities in the environments they model in real time. Using Quine streaming graph, you can easily construct an digital twinthat can ingest high volumes of event data in order to detect complex and subtle threats or changes in conditions the instant data arrives, triggering alerts and remedial action in real time.

Key Value Delivered

  • Use graph ETL to ingest cloud or system events from multiple systems.

  • Automatically construct a digital twin that includes system elements and the relationships between them.

  • Continuously update the digital twin to reflect ongoing changes in real-time.

  • Trigger events and alerts when specific conditions are identified in the twin.

  • Query for any past state of the digital twin.

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