thatDot Raises Funding To End Microservices Complexity

thatDot avatar Ryan Wright

May 26, 2020 Portland, OR. thatDot, announces a $2M funding round led by Oregon Venture Fund (OVF), with participation by Hale Capital Partners and Galois, Inc. Leveraging years of DARPA funded R&D, thatDot is the creator of thatDot, an enterprise software solution for the real time discovery and navigation of data relationships in highly connected data, such as monitoring, security and commerce event streams. thatDot can ingest billions of events while building a rich relationship graph, identifying correlations, isolating anomalies, and triggering workflows, to unlock the value of big data in real time. thatDot powers use cases such as real-time root cause analysis, online video observability, streaming anomaly detection, data lineage, fraud detection, and application security tracing, reporting, and alerting.

Solving for Microservice Complexity

As a foundational element of an event driven software architecture, thatDot accelerates new service development and improves user experience for enterprise organizations by unlocking the value of their big data in real time. “Big data applications are predominately built on microservices architectures that require scarce technical talent and significant operational overhead. It’s been the only way to build highly scalable applications and services—until now. thatDot’s simplified event stream processing and analysis capabilities are a revolutionary step forward—it’s how big data applications will be built in the future,” said Nick Wade of Oregon Venture Fund.

Revolutionary Technology

“It is exciting to see this revolutionary technology, developed to satisfy the forward-looking requirements from DARPA, reach the market,” said Rob Wiltbank, CEO at Galois. “thatDot unlocks the value of streaming big data, combining high volume capabilities with automated intelligent data analysis, it will dramatically change back-end software development.”

thatDot’s distributed stream-processing fabric ingests and stores event data, combined with a semantic graph layer to accelerate complex queries over large amounts of data, spread over broad time spans. This unique combination of technology enables several critical capabilities:

  • Real time pattern recognition in streaming data
  • Real time anomaly detection in streaming categorical data
  • Complete data change tracking, for every update made to data and easy historical queries
  • Unified “Standing Queries” that instantly trigger custom actions on complex stream patterns
  • Low code usability

Repeat Entrepreneurs

thatDot is led by repeat technology entrepreneurs from companies such as Citrix, Urban Airship, Motorola, Janrain and Cedexis. “Raising this foundational round of capital during Covid-19 is a strong endorsement of thatDot’s value proposition and market momentum,” said Ryan Wright Founder and CEO of thatDot. “The world is realizing that microservices are too complex and expensive to manage and orchestrate, and thatDot offers a compelling new way to program back-end operations directly from event data streams.”

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