9 Events, 90 Days – See Quine Streaming Graph in Action

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9 Events, 90 Days. Whew!!!

It has been an exciting couple of months since the launch of Quine, our open source software. The thatDot executive team has been connecting with developers, data engineers and other in-person and virtually to show how they can turn high volume data into high value data.

During the rest of the year, our team will be at additional events – including meetups and conferences – across the US to talk all things data, streaming graph and Quine. If you will be at one of these conferences and would like to schedule a meeting contact us. Don’t see something you can attend? Drop us a line at info@thatdot.com and we’ll add you to our mailing list and find a way to connect.

And if you want to connect with other engineers and data scientists exploring Quine, join the Quine community slack channel.

Our team will be at the following events:

ODSC East 2022, Ryan Wright, CEO and Founder

Boston, MA, April 19-21

ODSC – Open Data Science Conference – is the largest applied data science conference, essential for anyone who wants to connect to the data science community and contribute to the open source applications it uses every day.


The Knowledge Graph Conference, Ryan Wright, CEO and Founder

New York City, May 2-6

The Knowledge Graph Conference is emerging as the premiere source of learning around knowledge graph technologies. We believe knowledge graphs are an underutilized yet essential force for solving complex societal challenges like climate change, democratizing access to knowledge and opportunity, and capturing business value made possible by advances in AI.


  • We will update as soon as the schedule is released.

Past Quine Streaming Graph Events

For those who will not be at the events listed above, we have the presentation available to view to learn more about Quine: