Introducing thatDot

thatDot avatar Ryan Wright

That word… ”that.” It’s how you point with a word. What better way to express what you mean than by directly pointing? “What you mean” is the whole point. What you mean is where you spend your time—that’s why we’re here.

We started thatDot after decades of building streaming data systems to extract value from data. Over and over again, the experience has taught us: there needs to be something better than building bespoke backend systems every time. —a product to make getting value from data at scale as easy as “that.” Data arrives a piece at a time. What we’re looking for is never so simple as just one item among many. The pieces we need are buried in a sea of data we don’t. We need to put the data together and see how it all relates to find the meaningful piece. The world is swimming in data, but to piece it together into that one most meaningful event… well that’s everything.

thatDot’s mission is to produce meaning from data. Meaningful data is valuable data. —to turn high-volume data into high-value data.

For the last six years, our team has been working to create a fundamentally new technology aimed at getting value from data easily at large scale. With major funding from DARPA, we have been able to approach these fundamental problems from a fresh perspective. The result is a new technology built from the ground up to solve the challenges of modern data processing in the enterprise. A new perspective has brought new capabilities which enable radical new results.

Our technology unifies the storage and computational models for high-volume streaming enterprise data. As a result, each piece of data can perform its own computation—much like the neural network in the brain both stores information and relays signals used for complex reasoning. Combined with a powerful representation of time from end-to-end, thatDot users trigger new actions from the data itself.

We’re working with some of the world’s most remarkable companies to bring insight and understanding to inhuman amounts of data. The time it takes to conceive and build a new data pipeline, to test a data hypothesis, or add a product feature is often measured in months. thatDot is turning this into hours or minutes. And the overnight batch processing to address today’s question tomorrow, can now be answered in less time than it takes to click the checkout button.

The last few decades have seen nearly every company become a software company, and every software company has become a data company. Understanding that data well enough and fast enough to take action currently takes a small army of highly skilled software engineers—and the process is complicated and error prone, leaving many desired capabilities nothing but a distant dream. At thatDot, we believe a new product in this space can liberate engineering teams from crippling complexity, deliver unachievable capabilities, and bring enterprise companies back to building their businesses.

Ryan Wright
Founder & CEO
thatDot, Inc.