AWS Names thatDot’s Novelty Detector As A Containers Anywhere Partner

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Bringing cloud-based data management into the enterprise data center, where much enterprise data still lives, is now simpler than ever with AWS Containers Anywhere and thatDot is excited to be a launch partner of the new AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere program.

As expected, AWS Re:Invent 2021 delivered great training content and insights into where the Cloud industry is going. The emphasis on AI and ML enablement was a clear topic of focus, reflecting the ever wider adoption of technology that leverages data for better business outcomes. With AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere enterprises can leverage leading technologies within the bounds of their own data centers.

thatDot Novelty Detector

Existing anomaly detection techniques rely on numerical data and threshold analysis, which breaks down in the face of high data dimensionality and produces high volumes of false-positives. thatDot Novelty Detector uses categorical data to build a comprehensive behavioral fingerprint of your data. This deep contextual understanding eliminates false-positives and provides WHY an anomaly was identified, making it immediately actionable.

Popular uses of thatDot Novelty Detector by AWS users include Detecting Stolen Credential Use in AWS CloudTrail Logs and Detecting Data Exfiltration in AWS CloudTrail Logs.

If you are looking to deploy thatDot Novelty Detector in any AWS region, you can do that by following the three steps described here.