What is Streaming Graph?

thatDot Platform is built on the Quine streaming graph which combines the performance and scalability of event stream processing systems with a graph database’s ability to store and query rich graph data.

Streaming graph diagram showing features across ESP and Graph DB

Key Benefits of thatDot's Streaming Graph

In addition to incorporating the best properties of graph databases and event stream processing systems, thatDot's streaming graph has some important and unique features that offer significant benefits for event-driven applications:

  • A data model optimized for complex pattern matching - thatDot's property graph structure encodes relationships as edges, effectively pre-computing joins. This allows for highly expressive yet high performance N-hop queries.

  • Highly parallelized compute for fast ingest and updates - thatDot's asynchronous, actor-based graph computation model  provides very high throughput processing complex events. It also makes possible our killer feature: standing queries.

  • Out-of-order data handling - Standing queries allow thatDot to easily handle out-of-order data and late-arriving data. A standing query is a special query type that persists in the graph, incrementally updating as new data arrives.

  • No time windows - thatDot let's you query historical data, incoming data, and even use a standing query to watch for matches in the future, all in real-time.

Why thatDot Platform?

Rapid Data Pipeline Development

Build or modify data pipelines in hours using standard data query language.

Expert Support

24x7 support from thatDot engineers, critical issue SLAs, and priority bug fixes.

Query Historical Data in Real-time

Eliminate the limitations of time windows. Query across your entire historical data set in real time.

Costs Effective Scaling

Scales 1M+ events/second on standard AWS instances.

Reduce false positives

Identify novel data in real-time—even in unique, or ultra-high cardinality data. Novelty detection built on Quine.

Drop-in Integration

Use the storage option that works best for you. Supports Cassandra, RocksDB, S3, Hydrolix, and other storage options.