Resilient Clustering.
Novelty Detector.
24x7 Support.

thatDot offers commercial support and advanced features for Quine, the open source streaming graph for ETL pipelines.

Why Quine Enterprise?

Quine Enterprise is ideal for production applications where resilience, performance, and throughput matter and it is critical to resolve issues as fast as possible. Quine Enterprise resilient clustering includes support for hot spares and distribution across multiple availability zones. Our engineers and architects deliver 24x7 expert, multi-channel support.

Quine Enterprise also includes Novelty Detector, thatDot's radical new approach to anomaly detection. Novelty Detector uses categorical data to separate truly important signal from the merely unique. This translates into fewer false positives delivered faster than any other anomaly detection system available.

Cost Effective Scaling

Scales to millions of events on standard AWS or GCP instances. Predictable OPEX, reliable operations.

Expert Support from Engineers

24x7 support from thatDot engineers, critical issue SLAs, and priority bug fixes. Connect with streaming graph experts.

Novelty Detector

Novelty Detector is thatDot's groundbreaking approach to anomaly detection using categorical data.

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Resilent Clustering

Scale your graph across hundreds or even thousands of servers. Cluster for fault-tolerance and scale . Easy to configure and modify.

Feature Request Priority

At thatDot, code is customer service. That means prioritizing Quine Enterprise client feature requests.

User Defined Functions

Extend  functionality of Quine Enterprise with custom logic relevant  your use case. Call UDFs directly within Quine Enterprise without requiring an outside service.

thatDot Expert Support

Whether you are experienced with graph databases and event processing systems or you are new to real-time event stream processing,  thatDot offers a wide range of support services to help ensure that you can get your Quine Enterprise app into production as quickly as possible with as little hassle as possible.

Our team of engineers and developer advocates help solve issues with  operations, cluster design, query design, and scaling. We also support integrations with Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, AWS Kinesis and SQS/SNS, and with persistence backends like Apache Cassandra, RocksDB, and MapsDB.

Support delivered the way you want it


Quine Enterprise is built upon the industry leading open source Quine streaming graph.


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