Novelty Quick Start Guide

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If you have an active AWS account, please follows these 3 steps:

PLEASE NOTE, you MUST subscribe via AWS marketplace BEFORE launching the Cloudformation template.

  1. Subscribe to thatDot Novelty on AWS Marketplace
    • AWS processing can take 3-5 minutes to complete
  2. Click the thatDot CloudFormation template
    • Accept all default settings
    • “Click” IAM use update acknowledgement
    • Allow CloudFormation instantiation to finish (5 min)
    • Copy application URL from “Output” tab in Console
    • Paste URL in browser to access Anomaly Detector
  3. Review the Usage Guide

The CloudFormation button will create a VPC and ECS cluster for isolated testing of thatDot Novelty Detector.

Step-by step manual set up instructions are found in our Configuration Guide.

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