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Director Of Product

Role and Responsibilities

thatDot is seeking a Director of Product to drive product and market segment definition through proactive customer discovery. As Director of Product you will:

Day to day, at thatDot will be:
  • Organize and drive the team's effort to find product/market fit
  • Identify key measures of customer value
  • Develop and maintain the product roadmap
  • Build relationships with partners
  • Collaborate on the go-to-market approach
  • Evangelize the problem and solution in the market
  • Synthesize user feedback into product requirements and designs
  • Work very closely with the CEO, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales

Job Requirements

We’re looking for a curious, creative, driven, collaborative, customer-centered product thinker with a background in data-oriented systems. Other indicators that you may be a fit for this role are:

  • A computer science, programming, or similar background, in particular around: streaming data, event-driven pipelines, graphs, databases, and/or distributed systems
  • Direct experience with managing several early stage products (not necessarily at the same time)
  • Experience in at least one of these domains: security, DevOps, databases, or stream processing
  • Experience with developer-led product adoption and/or open source products
  • Strong technical experience with data engineering and/or data science
  • Excellent user and market research skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to prioritize and make tradeoffs informed by both analysis and intuition
  • Active listening that weighs input from all stakeholders
  • Experience leading a team of Product Managers and Designers, or are ready to grow into it as the company scales


Support for fully-remote and in-person collaboration as it works best for individuals and the team.

Senior Software Engineer (Scala, Compilers)

Role and Responsibilities

As a Software Engineer (Compilers, Scala) at thatDot, we are seeking someone with interest and experience in compilers and data-intensive applications. You will have expertise with functional programming and object-oriented design and development. As a fast-growing team it is important that you can successfully collaborate with developers, architects, and product managers, ideally in an early stage company environment.

Job Requirements

  • Skilled in Scala or another functional language
  • Expertise to compiler development, IR design, type systems, program analysis
  • Professional experience designing, building, and optimizing language compilers
  • Experience working with/in multiple programming languages
  • Interest and background in distributed systems
  • Exposure to designing, implementing, and maintaining complex data infrastructures
  • Hands-on experience designing and developing scalable, high performing and fault-tolerant applications
  • Able to rapidly learn and apply new technologies
  • Understanding of concurrency in the JVM
  • Expertise in measuring, evaluating, and tuning application performance
  • Willingness to create and update documentation to facilitate learning, with comfort speaking to groups and presenting information
  • Nice to have: graph databases and graph algorithms
  • Nice to have: familiarity with Akka or the Actor-model
  • Nice to have: experience using Kafka
  • Nice to have: experience using Cassandra (esp. in large clusters)
Day to day, your role at thatDot will be:
  • Learn. We value curiosity and share a desire to continuously learn new things, including from each other.
  • Collaborate. As a fast growing team, we must communicate and work together to achieve goals. That includes both within teams and across our small, dynamic team.
  • Write. Clarity of thought is best reflected in clear documentation. We document our work in ways our community of backend software engineers will want to engage with.
  • Represent. Advocate for the needs of our users and contribute to the community discussion on product direction and uses.


Support for fully-remote and in-person collaboration as it works best for individuals and the team. Some of our team is based in Portland, Oregon, but we are a remote-first company.

What We Believe


  • About more than just a paycheck.
  • Should be intellectually engaging.
  • Should provide the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Short-termism in tech is bad. It’s worth building lasting relationships.
  • Punching a clock or counting hours is bad. Results > Hours.
  • It’s a big part of our lives, but it’s not all there is.

Creativity In Work:

  • Work should be fun!
  • Knowledge work: Coding is the easy part. Figuring out the ideas is hard work.
  • Our mental model is really what we’re building when coding. Communicating is an expression of your mental model. First think clearly, then help someone else share your thoughts.


  • Plan to teach us something about the cool work you’ve done in the past.
  • Let us teach you something about the cool work we’re doing now.

About thatDot

thatDot is a growing company that specializes in solving high-throughput data streaming problems (entity resolution, streaming joins, ingest pipelines, incremental computation, pattern matching, etc.) using graphs.

Quine, our core technology, is a streaming graph interpreter that makes it easy to find complex patterns and anomalies in massive data streams and trigger action immediately. Built on native streaming graph technology developed with years of DARPA-funded R&D, Quine makes it easy for infinite datasets to be efficiently analyzed in real-time. Quine powers many key use cases in cybersecurity, fraud detection, data pipeline engineering, infrastructure optimization, and a long list of others.