Real-Time Video Observability

End-To-End Alert, Log & Metric Correlation

Only thatDot provides complete end-to-end correlation of every element of your Internet video sessions.  Filter for QoS/QoE alerts and explore related video sessions to quickly understand which client types, OS or CDNs are associated with troubles.
Real Time Streaming ETL

Real-Time Streaming ETL

Decompose obscure data fields into useful structures to help see patterns jump out from the data.

Real time Event Correlation

Real-time, continuous, correlation of alerts, logs and metrics, across all your monitoring and system sources.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Instant access to historical data for comparisons across timeframes, without having to replay data.

Standing Queries

Standing Queries

Continuously executed queries that provide access to video session event data in real-time, enabling observability and real-time root cause analysis.

Streaming Threshold Analysis

Streaming Threshold Analysis

Real-time computation of aggregates and averages, to provide identification of outliner behavior and trouble isolation.

Real Time Scale

Real-time Scale

Patent pending distributed ingestion processing, computation and analysis, thanks to years of DARPA-project R&D development.


GUI based filtering and exploration of user sessions that generalist can use, and APIs for integration into your dashboards and tools of choice.

Video Observability; Sessionizing Alerts, Logs and Metrics, End-to-End

Multi-CDN App Delivery Observability

Use Case Highlight

Human Friendly Exploration Of Sessionized Video Events

The thatDot Exploration UI example to the left shows the identification of re-buffering video sessions by Touchstream synthetic video QoE tests.  These alerts are then correlated to the CDN and Origin logs that served these sessions as well as the  Mux Data client beacons from these users.  The User Agent and Manifest strings were decomposed as the events were ingested to allow thatDot Quick Query menu-based search of counts and distributions of these sessions by device type, device OS, browser type, browser versions, media bit rate, asset title etc.