Anomaly Detector Quick Start

If you have an active AWS account, please follows these 3 steps:

PLEASE NOTE, you MUST subscribe via AWS marketplace BEFORE launching the Cloudformation template.

  1. Subscribe to thatDot Anomaly Detector on AWS Marketplace
  2. Click the thatDot CloudFormation template
  3. Review the Usage Guide

The CloudFormation button will create a VPC and ECS cluster for isolated testing of thatDot Anomaly Detector.

Step-by step manual set up instructions are found in our Configuration Guide.

Olov Danielson

“Your product is really easy to use, we were up and running with our data in under 30 minutes.”

If you wish to trial or use thatDot Anomaly Detector on another cloud or data center, contact thatDot for a trial instance or license. thatDot Anomaly Detector is available as a .jar file or container.

Olov Danielson,
SW Architect and Data Analyst