Real-time Root Cause Analysis

Deep Application System Observability

thatDot Connect picks up where log analysis and application performance monitoring leave off: correlating alerts, logs, and metrics from all your system sources while computing aggregates and identifying outlier system behaviors to zero in on the root cause of issues in real-time.


Real Time Streaming ETL

Real-Time Streaming ETL

Decompose obscure data fields into useful structures to help see patterns jump out from the data.

Real-time Event Correlation

Real-time, continuous, correlation of alerts, logs and metrics, across all your monitoring and system sources.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Instant access to historical data for comparisons across timeframes, without having to replay data.

Standing Queries

Standing Queries

Continuously executed queries that provide access to video session event data in real-time, enabling observability and real-time root cause analysis.

Deep Observability

End-to-end correlation for alerts, logs, and metrics to explore every parameter, every detail—all in-context.

Real Time Scale

Real-time Scale

Foundational new capabilities for distributed data ingest, computation, and analysis thanks to years of DARPA-funded R&D.


GUI based filtering and exploration of user sessions that generalist can use, and APIs for integration into your dashboards and tools of choice.

Dynamically Explore Alert-Log-Metric Linkages, Across Massive Event Populations And Down To Single Events

End-To-End Observability, For Root Cause Analysis

thatDot RCA provides a macro view of operations to identify QoS/QoE issues of significance, while also providing deep granularity to identify root causes, all in real-time.  thatDot RCA is unique in its ability to:

  • Ingest alerts, logs and metrics at the speed they are delivered
  • Transform data as it is ingested, decomposing header info, user agents etc.
  • Correlate all events, logs and metrics for every video play event
  • Point and click exploration of bulk sessions, or by individual sessions