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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Streaming Graph

A revolutionary approach to real-time threat detection and analytics is making waves in the tech community. On June 11, 2024, at 12 pm ET, thatDot’s CEO, Ryan Wright, will join forces with The Bloor Group CEO, Eric Kavanagh, in a pivotal discussion titled “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Streaming Graph.”

Why This Event Is Unmissable

Cybersecurity professionals are all too familiar with the deluge of false positives and the alarming frequency of data breaches. The tools of yesterday—traditional event stream processors and graph databases—are struggling to keep pace with the sophisticated tactics of today’s cybercriminals. The need for a robust, real-time solution has never been more urgent.

Enter thatDot Streaming Graph. Leveraging the power of Quine, an open-source technology, this innovative platform is redefining the standards for threat detection and response. By combining the rapidity of event stream processing with the intricate intelligence of graph analytics, thatDot Streaming Graph provides unparalleled proficiency in:

  • Digital Twins: Creating virtual replicas of physical systems for enhanced monitoring and analysis.
  • Fraud Detection: Identifying and preventing fraudulent activities with greater accuracy.
  • Entity Resolution: Disambiguating and connecting related data points for clearer insights.

A Peek Behind the Breakthrough

During the event, attendees will gain insight into how strategic funding from DARPA and Crowdstrike propelled the development of thatDot Streaming Graph. Ryan Wright will detail how this cutting-edge technology was conceived to outmaneuver cyber adversaries and safeguard businesses from becoming the next headline in a data breach story.

Join the Vanguard of Cybersecurity

This event is a golden opportunity for anyone vested in cybersecurity, fraud detection, or real-time analytics to learn directly from seasoned industry leaders. By attending, you’ll be at the forefront of understanding how streaming graph technology can give your organization a decisive advantage in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

Don’t let this chance slip by. Register now to secure your place in this exclusive conversation and be part of the vanguard shaping the future of cybersecurity and data analytics.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at this landmark event.

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meeting of Ryan Wright and Eric Kavanagh