Stop Rebuilding Your Data Pipelines

thatDot is a new way to program your backend, directly from your data.  Ingestion, Transformation, Computation and Correlation of streaming data, at scale, as an API.

Event Driven Architecture

Query and compute against your streaming data, driving your backend in real time.

Historical Queries

Query any time period; real time as streams are ingested, recent past, and  every previous version, ever, in one query.

Out Of Order Data

Seamless data ingestion handling across event stream partitions from Kafka/Kinesis/Event Bridge.

Rapid Workflow Changes

Update dimensionality and workflows in minutes without rebuilding your data pipelines.

Dynamic Data

Flexible data structure with version tracking for ease of use and high-confidence changes.

Import Original Data

No need to pre-process your data.  Converting and structuring of incoming data is done for you.

Event Driven Workflow
From Streaming Data

Make Your Streaming Data Accessible

thatDot Connect is the first complete enterprise product designed to trigger real-time actions from high-volume streaming data. Events, logs, and metrics stream in, are automatically connected, and trigger downstream actions for analysis, ETL, and workflow automation. All together in one scalable product.